NX Pro LIMS- Preconfigured Lab Testing & Research Management System, A Complete COVID-19 Software

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Nxpro LIMS

NX Pro LIMS- Preconfigured Lab Testing & Research Management System, A Complete COVID-19 Software

Ever since the world has heard of coronavirus, clinical research laboratories all around the world are working round the clock to develop an effective vaccination against the disease. However, there are certain challenges faced by these testing laboratories and a good Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can effectively help them overcome these challenges. NX Pro LIMS, with its enhanced lab management system, has helped many labs in pursuing their goal of vaccine development using a predefined workflow strategy.

Nxpro LIMS can help clinical test labs in:
  • Configuring FDA approved COVID-19 test workflows

  • Developing, standardizing and validating new methods of COVID-19 testing

  • Reporting test results according to the guidelines of FDA and CDC

  • Following CLIA, ISO 15189:2012 and HIPAA and other international regulatory guidelines

Laboratory Workflow

A Schematic Representation of a Preconfigured COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Laboratory Workflow

Receiving Test


Batch Accessioning
of Specimens


Viral RNA


Amplified cDNA

Importing Results
to a LIMS

Validating Test

Submitting Reports
to FDA & CDC

Test Reports

Specimens Safely

Coronavirus Diagnostic Test and Research with LIMS Software

NX Pro LIMS is a pre-configured LIMS for COVID-19 research and diagnostic testing laboratories that is capable of performing tests like RT-PCR test, Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT), IgG/IgM antibodies detecting serological tests, neutralization test and Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) test. It also has predesigned workflows and reporting templates that allow quick test results. Furthermore, NX Pro LIMS can be configured very easily to support new test methods as well, meeting all their assessment and reporting requirements. The preconfigured design saves from customization, which can be a time-consuming process, thus allowing the laboratories to go live just within a couple of days. NX Pro LIMS is quite easy to deploy and laboratories do not require investing in IT infrastructure or human resources for deployment. Also, this LIMS can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Customers who have placed their trust in NX Pro LIMS have been benefitted in the following ways:
  • Comply with the FDA and CDC reporting guidelines while generating custom test reports.

  • Automatically record laboratory activities to maintain a read-only audit trail with a date and time stamp

  • Portal to enable physicians to enter patient data, associate patient records with samples, track request status in real-time, place diagnostic test requests and download test reports and invoices

  • Manage specimens of COVID-19, patient data, diagnostic tests, test results, kits, specimen shipment and other inventory using customizable forms

  • Assign PHI access only to authorized personnel to safeguard PHI of patients (Protected Health Information)

Test Reports

Seamlessly Follow CLIA, ISO 15189, and HIPAA Guidelines

Protect sensitive information of the patient from being accessed by unauthorized personnel by assigning role-based PHI access

Allows maintain the training and performance record of the lab personnel that helps laboratories to assign work to the person who is most trained in the area. This way lab managers can get the tasks completed in the most efficient manner with assured results.

Keep a record of important documents, track the history records of old documents and protect their privacy. NX Pro LIMS makes sure that lab personnel only have access to the latest version of documents and that no unauthorized personnel is able to reach the sensitive documents.

Advantages of NX Pro LIMS Software

Handle Patients Data

Manage patient's data of all kinds, from symptoms, clinical course, past medical history, pre-existing medical conditions to demographic details, travel history, informed consent and other relevant data.

Handle Specimens for COVID-19

Manage specimen data, create specimen barcodes to be scanned for quick information retrieval, print labels and much more by assigning unique system-generated or
user-defined IDs

Manage COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

NX Pro LIMS allows you to include conclusive as well as inconclusive test results, patient demographic details while creating reports. Create reports that comply with the FDA and CDC reporting guidelines.

Digital Issuance of Test Reports

Easily manage preconfigured kits, along with their initial and current quantity, with the feature to set reminders to receive
alerts if the current number of kits is less than a
specified quantity.

Digital Test Reports

Once the patient's test report is validated, deliver it to them at their registered email addresses and mobile numbers. After release, the test reports will be added to the patient's record automatically.

Workflows & SOPs Management

Configure and manage your workflow template that allows lab personnel to perform their task in an
orderly fashion.

COVID-19 Test Results Delivered Securely with LIMS

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Portal

NX Pro LIMS allows laboratories to communicate with the patients directly and in a minimum turnaround time. The patient portal is not just secure but HIPAA-compliant secure which ensures that not only the communication is fast but safe as well.

Deliver Test Results Securely via Web App

With the NX Pro LIMS's web application laboratories can now deliver COVID-19 results and certifications securely to the patients. The application also allows the patients to receive, store and share their COVID-19 test results, anytime and any day. Every patient's test result includes a unique secure QR code that enables contactless validation of the result. The app has the feature to print test reports so, in case of lost or misplaced results, retrieval of a new copy will be easy.

Workplace Testing

Since the spread of COVID, it has become mandatory for workplaces to provide a clean environment to minimize the risk of the spread of infection. A single person getting the virus can unknowingly spread it to the complete workforce thus causing major loss of the company, not to mention affecting the health and family of the people as well. Frequent testing that delivers accurate results and that too within a minimum time can help prevent situations like this. NX Pro LIMS allows organizations to keep a record of the health and safety of the working personnel, thus reducing the chances of infection at the workplace.

Mobile Testing

To keep the pandemic situation under control, it is important that communities, public health organizations and neighborhoods take extra safety measures and provide mobile testing facilities to the public. With mobile testing laboratories, it will become easy to reach out to a lot of people at their homes or offices. For people, it will become easy to get themselves check for the virus as it will eliminate the need to go to the hospitals and laboratories for the same. Mobile testing laboratories can be easily set up in communities or at workplaces without requiring an excess of space or time. This will turn out to be a major step towards curbing the spread of the disease. NX Pro LIMS enables automation of mobile testing workflow, right from the starting to the end.

Schools & Universities Set Up

After being closed for a long time, schools and colleges are getting closer to their reopening day. But since the COVID is still hanging out with us, it is a lot for the parents to send their kids to school where they are highly likely to get infected by other students and school staff. Before the schools could summon the students back to their classes, it will be necessary for them to be sure of the safety of the environment. Not only important safety measures like social distancing, mask protection, hand washing, etc should be implied at schools but there should also be a system of checking the health of every student and staff coming to the school. With an efficient screening and testing system, educational institutions can ensure a clean and safe environment and run without fear.

Clinics & Physician Office Labs (POLs)

Physician office labs are a very effective way to fight coronavirus by providing a really fast method for monitoring, screening and diagnosing a potential carrier. In the POL workflow, physicians are provided access to laboratories which allows them to test the patients as soon as they arrive at the lab, thus providing quick access to the test results. This will ultimately lead to more effective treatment for the patient through early initiation which will not only reduce the treatment cost but also improve the patient's chances of getting better soon.

Integrate NX Pro LIMS for Effective Laboratory Management

Every day, COVID-19 specimens in large quantities are received by diagnostic laboratories. Handling so many specimens, testing them, finding out the result, all of this can be lengthy especially if these processes are carried out manually. The chances of error in the test reports generated through an inefficient system are also very high. A testing lab equipped with the right Laboratory Information Management System can perform all these tasks not just quicker but with an enhanced efficiency too. This will allow the doctors to begin the treatment early and patients to recover quickly from the virus. However, seamless integration of the LIMS is very important as only after then desired results can be generated in a reduced turnaround time.

NX Pro LIMS Support Instrument & Software Integration Methods

The following methods are used to support the integration of NX Pro LIMS with analytical instruments and software:
Instrument Integration

Be it RT-PCR or NGS instruments, NX Pro LIMS is preconfigured to integrate with all types of COVID-19 testing instruments. To ensure data integrity and minimize turnaround time, the API allows the developers to read and write data from/to an analytical instrument.

Software Integration

API of NX Pro LIMS supports integrations with third-party software, electronic reporting system and other e-reporting tools. This integration enables automatic reporting of test results. Nonetheless, the LIMS can be integrated with medical or clinical billing software to reduce billing errors and handle revenue cycles with more efficiency.

Follow Regulatory Guidelines and Standards

NX Pro LIMS' COVID-19 LIMS Software Functionality

COVID-19 Studies Management

NX Pro LIMS software is designed to easily manage molecular epidemiological studies, population-based cohort studies, viral genome mutation studies and other studies related to COVID-19. With the help of the software, the studies can be linked with a specimen or a patient to generate custom study reports. It also allows the study records to be imported from files in a hassle-free manner.

COVID-19 Specimens Packaging and Shipment Management

Every shipment of COVID-19 specimens can be assigned a unique ID that allows them to be tracked easily. Different IDs can be given to incoming and outgoing shipments which makes tracking possible right from the origin to the destination. It also minimizes the chances of getting the shipment lost or misplaced.

Locate Stored Specimen Shipment

Based on their barcodes, quickly locate stored specimens whenever required. NX Pro LIMS allows you to create hierarchical storage units and assign specimens to storage units. If specimens are available at hand, it will be easier to send them to laboratories and consequently will be helpful in early treatment if the specimen result turns out to be negative.

Manage Inventory & Inventory Records

Manage laboratory inventory, import inventory records from a file and edit multiple inventory records simultaneously. The software also has the feature to link each inventory item with specimens or patient ID.

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