COVID-19 Test Management

Modern and Cohesive Approach For COVID-19 Test Management

Patient Registration

Simplified Registration Process For Quick Start

COVID-19 Test Reports

Quick & Fast Track COVID-19 Test Results

Sample Management

Easy and Better Sample Management for Present and Future observations

Test Management

Digital Test Management Helps in Fast Processing

Inventory Management

Better Management of Laboratory Inventory

Reporting & Other Features

Easy Test Reports as per FDA and CDC guidelines

Video Consultation

Features Like Video Consultation in Case of in-Home COVID Testing

At Home COVID Test

At Home COVID Test Service Also Available

Hassle free Navigation

Easy & Hassel Free Navigation Which Reduces Turn Around Time

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NX Pro LIMS Help You Grow Your Business

Our software helps laboratories in reshaping their operations and increase the speed of business without hiring a new person. In simple words, our software increases the productivity of your business without any upfront cost. Our Software streamlines patient data, sample management, reporting, and an automated test result notification system. Our Software allows you to accomplish the following

Automated Test Result Notification to Patients

Test results are sent immediately to the concerned patient upon submission of results by the lab.

Increased Productivity

The overall process makes the current manual operation faster with our software which in turn increases the productivity without any upfront cost.

Increased Testing Capacity

Manual operations are overcome by an automated process which in turn saves time and ultimately testing capacity will increase.

Improved compliance

The features of our software are designed on low code and a cloud-based system for greater compliance.


Our Software helps you scale your productivity and grow your operations with seamless scalability.

Fit to Fly Certificate

Our Software also generates various certificates like fit to fly or certificate of analysis.

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  • Ready to Grow Your Business?

  • Data Integrity

    Data integrity helps in automating the present manual lab operations.

  • Productivity

    On an average, 15 to 20 hours of time saving per lab person.

  • Flexibility

    Research & development, Quality control, Clinical and Biomedical Sample testing

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